Ernesto Paredano - PLAYA EP

Ernesto Paredano


12" Vinyl D

Resopal / RSP094

Front View : Ernesto Paredano - PLAYA EP - Resopal / RSP094
Back View : Ernesto Paredano - PLAYA EP - Resopal / RSP094

Resopal-Schallware Records, known for its persistent pursuit of quality jams, unleashes the Playa EP by Santo Domingo resident Ernesto Paredano. He’s an artist in the truest sense of the word who creates his own sound, his own expansive dynamic at the same time- The A-side contains the track Yuca which features a surge of delayed bass lines and crispy static rises from below and echoes swoop and simmer. The 4/4 structure is infused with far-off blips and the dusty sizzles of low-pitched vocals. On „Atea- warm tech keeps the sound organic while the other elements pull together around its weight before culminating. The three tracks on the Playa EP could be classified as deep techno, but with enough power, groove and melody to set afire the dancefloor.

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