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Grim Reaperz

Courtesy of Just Listen Records and CPR (Caxton Press) eMCee Killa and Grim Reaperz combine to bring you their brand new project ZAPATISTA. Dervied from the Zapatista movement in Chiapas, Mexico during the 1990s both artists have adopted a philosphy of mind and music through the movements of the Zapatistas with an aim to enlighten people of their existence.

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12 Inch LP

11 tracks produced entirely by Grim Reaperz with features from Si Philli (PLC), Theme (Real Talk Records), Phoenix Da Icefire (Triple Darkness), Manage and Amy True (Caxton Press), Mouse Hughes (Sons Phonetic) which only adds to the impact the project is designed to inflict. Peppered with cuts from Drew Dollars, Chinch 33 and Jabba Tha Kut.
Zapatista – a word which stems from a revolutionary group in Mexico who made their mark in 1994 by occupying native territory under threat from starvation due to crippling trade agreements.
Hopefully the above begs the question – what the hell has this got to do with two Hip-Hop artists (eMCee Killa and Grim Reaperz) from England and France? Well, simply its used as frame of mind or a form of empowerment which is what the album aims to do throughout, empower. The album title is a strong word associated with taking control and believing in yourself.
Aside from the politics though, this is very much a Hip-Hop album and an explosive one at that. Both artists have worked on collaborations together prior to this album, most notably the track “Let me be Misunderstood” which featured on the album “Just Listen” produced entirely by Crown on Just Listen records.
So, what to expect from this album? Hip Hop beats with that Grim Reaperz signature making sure no sound wave is neglected, blended with the poetical structure of Killa’s lyrics the listener is provided with scene after scene of places to take their mind with displays of production and vocal prowess added to topics of Insanity, history, embarrassment, war, peace and calm.
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