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Einmusika / Einmusika016

Front View : Einmusik - DAMGALA EP - Einmusika / Einmusika016
Back View : Einmusik - DAMGALA EP - Einmusika / Einmusika016

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Foreign sunrises are always inspiring an artist. Festival gigs with amazing music and extraordinary people making you feel the real magic of electronic music. Einmusik packed all those things and made a dreamy and mysterious EP called >Damgala<. Only two tracks coming up, but they are special and wistful - nothing more is left to say about the feelings of an artist traveling all over the world since months. >Damgala< itself is a song with unsettling synths, an undulating baseline and rolling drums. The breaks are so strong and suprising and you will never forget this sensuous chorus. >St.Anna< is the second number on the EP. It is made by Mars Leder and Einmusik. They meet each other on several parties in Berlin. Mars, a young and talented DJ also plays a lot of instruments and so they made a studio session with different sequences. The guitar is clear and melancholic, the synths are soft and the bass is catching you. Close your eyes and feel the song without being prejudiced by some words.

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