East End Dubs
Metroline Limited / MLTD063

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East End Dubs Delivers A Surgical Strike On This Metroline 4-track Release
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Weighty b-lines, and sharp perc work is the order of the day here. Summa Dis hits us with a top drawer Chi Town baseline, with pads that call out like Muezzins in the night and taught atmospheric strings. The result is a clean hit of Great Lakes techno. Highly recommended. Following right behind, title track Argo brings together bruising on-beat bass hits, and skittish perch elements that cut like a razor. Clever EQ-riding, and some sexy french vox give the track depth, but this is one for the eyes-down crew. On the flip, Snilloc takes remixing duties on Summa Dis, twisting the original into a track pounder, that slowly but surely evolves into a full-on siren-laden relentless warehouse stomp. And finally we end up in the once-fashionable Hoxton. Just like the London neighborhood that inspires the name, the track has a ghostly, nostalgic quality - like an echo of a memory - but one that you can dance to, obviously, thanks to a deep growl of a baseline and lush pads given the full long-release Deepchord-style reverb treatment. Lush.
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