12" Vinyl NL

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Image of the Record Back Side
DYNOOOs Gum Dragon is centered around Fuh Real. a song that features Swedish singer Naboobia laying down a floaty vocal over a high-end 80?s r&b inspired club banger. It has already been remixed by Luigi (Jazzy Sport. Infinitskills) and Comfort Fit. whose version appeared on his latest full-length. *Limited to 500 copies*
The rest of the mini-album is a collection of glitching
electronics that ranges from soothing (Furbee) to
smashing (Cawf Drop) and psychedelic (Will Flattened,
with Richard Colvaen of Bretzel Zoo). Rooted in hip hop’s
rich soil, but definitely branching out beyond the edges of
the genre, DYNOOO’s music is for fans of the likes of
Daedelus, Samiyam, Hudson Mohawke and next-gen
beatcrafters alike.

Gum Dragon sounds exactly as you’d imagine after
perceiving its hyperreal cover (designed by the man
himself): a refreshing collage of complex sound pieces and colorful lo-fi.
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