Dominick Martin - VALENTIA

Dominick Martin
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Strictly limited to 350 copies. Along the west coast of Co Kerry in Ireland you will find the amazing Valentia Island. Attached by a bridge to the mainland. it is a place of beauty touched by years of history and the songs of the sea. I managed to obtain a house there for a few weeks. I took my computer and mic with me not knowing what to expect when I got there. In one of the rooms sat a piano. and as my fingers touched the keys I knew there was a story there waiting to be told. The sound of the piano in that place was something very magical as 100mph winds battered the house and interrupted my recordings. Other material has since emerged from those days spent on the island. but the main body of work that I recorded there makes up this album that I now present to you. Album support from: Gilles Peterson. Skream. Laurent Garnier. Patrick Forge. Jean-Claude (IF). Soulclap. Joszif. Makoto. Breach. Flight. dBridge. Doc Scott. Trevino. Craig Richards. John B. Klaus Fiehe. Mr Scruff.
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