Daniel Sanchez - IMPROMPTU EP

Daniel Sanchez
12" Vinyl D
Bad Barbie Records / BBR023

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For the second Bad Barbie Records vinyl release of 2016 we are more than exited to bring you the magnificent work from the Bla Bla Music owner Daniel Sanchez with his Impromptu EP. Here we have four amazing pieces where each one tells a different history. The first one Pearled Into Droplets saw the light after a great Live Jam and the result is combination of several layers of base elements with subtle minimalistic articulations. These. in combination of the bass and synths lines do create a truly amazing micro house piece. The second one Vague. is an atmospheric dub were a single synth chord raises in slowly. followed by a very subtle kick and bass line to set a bit of rhythm to the whole thing. creating a superb dreamy vibe while the chords do their thing with delicate reverbs and delays in the backend. A great musical piece indeed. For the third track we have Yi. again another amazing micro house jewel born from a Live Jam. but this one is even more energetic than the first one and it also includes. besides a rocking bass line. analog synth chords that lifts up the mood during specific moments. which also do their part articulating themselves perfectly with some occasional twisted vocals that helps create an amazing party vibe from beginning to end. And if this wasn t enough we also have Bedroom Stories vocal tool that Daniel included with his delivery. which can help spice up a DJ set with ease.
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