Cid Rim vs The Clonious
12" Vinyl UK
Affine Records / aff005

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Cid Rim vs. The Clonious. both members of the Vienna based bandcollective JSBL (alongside Dorian Concept and Willi Rosner). both willing to step up their game.

This merciless battle starts with Cid´s side by means of a man from Rome whose name is “Jerome”. Cid Rim fields a failed racing driver who constantly battles his own mind but still is keeping it funky enough to be a quite adorable dude. When monumental chords are paired with a haunting hook, you´re right in the middle of the "Chop Suey Cide Step". Its sharp edges and tubular harmonies make way for a pyschedelic jab that goes by the name of “Bear Hug Love”. A cryptic and garagesque, detail heavy wall, steadily shifting this aquatic kaleidoscope towards a giant sound bog for the final knockout.

In the other corner: The Clonious tag-teams up with tremendous Detroit Vocalist Paul Randolph (also known for his work with the Innerzone Orchestra and collabos with Amp Fiddler and Jazzanova). "Truth" sounds like it could be played in a Detroit based gospel church in the next couple of centuries. The second track on this side enters the ring with a fearless jump: "Earringer" - the name is the game! 140 BPM are whipping a couple of Clonious’ wrestling buddies on a horse-race track until they give up their ghosts. Don´t think you have reached the comfort zone when you listen to "Paul´s Suite", as it slowly unfolds its epic proportions, giving you an inside into The Clonious´world of obsessive perfectionism.
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