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Intacto / intac037

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Still relatively new on the production scene we are happy to welcome a fresh injection of new talent CHUBE.KA to Intacto records. DROWNED WITH LIES: Expressive and expansive. Drums create the depth while the high hats spark to create a thick. rich rhythm undercurrent. A rich playground of subtle effects combined with the spoken word that inspires the track title – makes this one hell of a cool and sexy groove. GIVE YOU BACK VOCAL MIX: Super-woofered muffled madness provides serious dance output that throbs relentlessly .. then the vocal duo soar in with their lovers tune.

Born in the second half of the eighties in Italy, CHUBE.KA became intoxicated by one of his favourite toys at an early age…a record player at home.

Crazy about music, he took to mixing at friends’ parties by the age of 14 and created such a great party vibe he soon was old enough to accept several DJ residencies. From there a love of house music blossomed and he began experimenting with his own productions.
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