Camp Lo
12" Vinyl lp US
Nature Sounds / NSD164-1

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Legendary Bronx-bred hip-hop duo Camp Lo burst onto the scene in 1997. when their classic debut album Uptown Saturday Night (and its anthemic single *Luchini*) introduced fans to the Los intricate flows and cutting-edge slang editorials. Nearly two decades later. Geechi Suede and Sonny Cheeba are back with Ragtime Hightimes. a brand new album produced by longtime collaborator Ski Beatz. The album finds Camp Lo and Ski Beatz pushing past boundaries while staying true to their creative vision.

“This piece is different ‘cause we were in a different space,” says Suede. “It’s always gonna be us, just different versions of ourselves. We’re exploring different dimensions in visual sound texture.”
While much of their classic material was sample-based, the group is now experimenting with live instrumentation more than ever before.
“The originality remains,” adds Cheeba. “There are differences in sound, mostly due to the live instruments.” Overall, the result is a singular piece of “time traveling art” that is sure to resonate for years to come. “This album just feels good,” explains Suede. “It’s our favorite way to feel.”
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