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Bong-Ras new album Monolith is a new step in pure hybrid electronics. Seamlessly mixing all styles with ease. Be it Metal. Drum and Bass. Hip Hop and Dubstep. A musical characteristic he has gained international praise for. Monolith is divided up into two segments: Alpha and Omega. Alpha are four Hiphop-esque colossals featuring the American rapper Sole. who has proven himself over the years with his crew and label Anticon. Omega is the dancefloor orientated part of the album where Bong-Ra continues with his trademark Metalbreaks style which made him remix the likes of Bolt Thrower and even screamo legends Therapy? Since 1996 Bong-Ra has released 5 full length albums. and has released on labels such as DJAX. Planet Mu. Ad Noiseam. Kid 606s Tigerbeat 6. Jason Forrests Cock Rock Disco to name a few. The biggest success came with the 2003 album Bikini Bandits. Kill! Kill! Kill! managing a full rotation with the videoclip 666MPH on MTV. BBCs Radio 1 DJ. John Peel. was also a big fan. inviting Bong-Ra to do a famous John Peel Session in 2001. and was asked to be part of the Peel Tribute CD Kats Karavan containing Peels 125 favourite session artists. This CD contained the likes of Bob Marley. Boomtown Rats. The Jam. PJ Harvey and Bong-Ra amongst others. In the last decade Bong-Ra has played all the big festivals: Glastonbury. Lowlands. Fusion. Dour. Eurosonic. etc and has toured Europe. the US and Japan. Bong-Ra is further known for being one of the pioneers of the Breakcore genre. Together with artists like Venetian Snares. Shitmat and Jason Forrest they developed this unique and energetic crossbreed in the early 2000s. With Monolith Bong-Ra continues to pave the way into heavy electronics. always re-inventing and evolving himself with every album. He recently won the Dutch 3voor12 Award (the largest Dutch music platform) for Best Musician. for his Bong-Ra and The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble projects.
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