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Bluestaeb ist eine der Schlüsselfiguren der Berliner Produzentenszene. Seine Produktionen sind weder ausschließlich futuristisch noch nur rückblickend in ihrem Soundbild. Nicht 808 und Synthies oder Boombab. Bluestaeb vereint alles organisch zu einem neuen. eigenen Style. Rodalquilar ist eine musikalische und visuelle (dem Vinyl liegt ein Fotoeinleger bei) Referenz an einen Ort im Süden Spaniens. in dem er einen großen Teil seiner Kindheit verbrachte.
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Bluestaeb is one of the key figures of the new generation of up and coming
beat producers from Germany. Equally influenced by Pete Rock, J Dilla and
Kaytranada, he shouldn't be labelled. Neither as "future" nor as
„oldschool“, since he maneuvers in between those sounds effortlessly.
His production is an unusual display of versatility, ranging from classic
BoomBap to synth to 808-based beats.

The 24-year-old was born and raised in Berlin and started making his own
music at a very young age. Ironically, a birthday present his dad received
dragged him into producing instrumental HipHop: Madlib’s »Shades Of
Blue«. Soon after, the entire catalogue by the L.A.-legend and naturally
Dilla, too, had formed his idea of aesthetics and grooves. Aside, he spent
years studying African drum techniques such as Djembé and Daruka.
Gradually, he found his sound identity and began to release his music plus
producing beats for various MCs, such as Juju Rogers or Teknical
Development. After forming Oldschool Future Tribe collective alongside his
mentor Figub Brazlevic and a group of international producers, he released
his debut LP »1991 Extraterrestrial« in 2013. This year, he dropped his
experimental EP »B.L.U.E. Friday«, a song series featuring a broader
scale of styles.

On November 6th, Bluestaeb releases his sophomore album »Rodalquilar« via
Jakarta Records, still carrying his distinctive concept of diversity. The
work is dedicated to a Spanish village going by the same name, where
Bluestaeb spent most of his summers since early childhood. In his parent's
summer cottage, he was enabled to evolve and concentrate on his music,
mostly influenced by surrounding nature and light. »Rodalquilar« LP aims
to embrace this atmosphere by including sound drafts, samples and ideas
collected throughout last summer’s stay in Rodalquilar. The vinyl version
comes with a photo booklet including the complementing visuals to the said
journey that initially began in the mid 90s.

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