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The infamous Blackula return once again. bringing their unique brand of macabre. twilight music fusions to Bearfunk!
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'Paint It Red' see's the duo curate an album of edits and variations on tracks from their two studio albums, 2010's 'Permanent Midnight' and 2012's 'Back From Mystery City'. The musical brew of this imaginary soundtrack is as various and eclectic as ever: seventies' funk, Giallo-thriller and horror scores, psychedelia, rock, contemporary classical, the avant-garde, no wave, free jazz & blues, cinematic atmospheric sounds tinted with the deepest blood red. Every track on the album has been played by real musicians, orchestral ensembles and choirs. These are stripped-down library versions of tracks off the two BLAKULA! albums re-made/re-modelled and re-edited by the composers. These are dark nuggets of BLAKULA's Grand Nocturne music. Welcome to the vault.
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