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Before The Show is a vital part of Copenhagen Collaboration - a 10- band-collective in Copenhagen Among the other bands are Sleep Party People. CODY and Alcoholic Faith Mission. As the title suggests the new Before The Show album depicts beginnings and endings.
We believe that life has many different beginnings and endings, and that the various journeys we take from one beginning to one end are filled with detours – and it is these detours which continually shape and define us as the people we are. Musically Years&Years&Years picks up where Hearts and Heads left off, however, it has developed towards a bigger and more complex sound image. It can best be described as a combination of Sting and Peter Gabriel on one hand, and Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead on the other. A lot has happened since Before the Show released their debut record in the spring of 2010. Hearts and Heads put the band in rotation on the Danish national radio P3, and landed them a concert at the 2010 Spot Festival in Aarhus, a national tour, as well as gigs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland In March 2012 the band signed with Copenhagen label PonyRec (Alcoholic Faith Mission, Green Pitch and many more) and once again played the SPOT-festival as well as performing on the Arena stage at the Roskilde Festival with band collective CopCol (Copenhagen Collaboration). 2012 has turned out to be an important year for Before the Show.
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