12" Vinyl D
Empore Music / EM004

Image of the Record Front Side
Image of the Record Back Side
With -Nekromant- the labelheads Avidus are back on Empore Music. to present their darker side. The original consists of powerful arpeggiators rolling on a triplet-beat with a trancy vibe. The remix from Jens-Uwe Beyer. formerly known as Popnoname and as the curator of the label Magazine. delivers a dreamy remix from the original with nice organic percussive elements. Berlin based Sebastian Voigt. who has been making waves with his release on Outcast Oddity. completes the remixes with a straightened interpretation of the original back to a 4 to the floor beat. even adding even more drive and power if compared to the original. The EP comes full circle with a beatless -Synthapella- from the original.
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