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Asagaya debut album. entirely produced by Guts Asagaya is heavily supported by French Musical mastermind GUTS (Heavenly Sweetness). who also produced the entire record & features his companions for HipHop after All Lorine Chia and Leron Thomas. As multi instrumentalist with a synthetic. programmed voice. Asagaya & his soundscape is clearly rooted in Hip Hop music. also deriving from another sphere. more alternativ and transversal. He is a mystical figure from somewhere in this world. His songs create their own mood. they capture the unique sensibility. The lyrics take the listener into a journey through Asagayas mystic & surreal world. The vinyl LP includes a free download code.
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"Asagaya brings hip hop to another sphere, more alternativ and transversal. A musicality and creativity I rarely had the pleasure to enjoy.” GUTS

As he was one of the first persons to listen to demos from Asagaya, all star producer Guts decides to produce the entire "Light of the dawn" album, while working on his latest solo album "Hip Hop after all". This parallel work approach also explains the similarities in the guest selection of both releases. Lorine Chia, Akua Naru and Leron Thomas can be found on GUTS' "HipHop After All" as well. Also features multiple appearances of UK wunderkind Jay Prince, who recently released his first EP & who we over here at Jakarta Records are also huge fans of. He adds his vocals on 3 tracks of the album back2back with Asagaya's synthetic voice.

The entire record is mixed by Guts and Mr Gib, mastered by Blanka.

The vinyl edition will be manufactured with a "tip on" oldschool (replica) vinyl sleeve.

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