Anders Wasserfall - EVOLUZ

Anders Wasserfall
12" Vinyl D
Haseland / HAL008

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Image of the Record Back Side

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Anders Wasserfall from Oslo has dedicated his work as a producer to warm sounds and floating atmospheres. This lead to music that earned him releases by Greta Cottage Workshop. Soul Shift Music and Bleepsequence. His music starts off chains of associations. blissful deepness. cloudy horizons and dimmed lights start spreading in listeners heads.

Inner dedication and dancefloor suitability don’t have to contradict each other, Anders Wasserfall collects the best ingredients for a collective floor experience on an advanced level and a genuine listening experience. The release is enhanced by Coss & Stiggsen who have created not merely a new version, they brought it to a new level. Deeply inspired by the music and the name, the idea grew to start an arts project. Therefore the vision behind Evoluz goes further than your usual remix production. In addition, the uniqueness can be experienced through a visual interpretation by Pauline Doutreluingne (Mindpirates) & Stiggsen. Tobias Törge made a video to present the original version of Evoluz. In the fashion of Haseland, the label offers a track for free to celebrate the release. The Evoluz remix by Olle Sjøgren & Pykup will be offered as a free download on the Haseland homepage throughout the next weeks.
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