Alexandre Francisco Diaphra
Mental Groove / Bazzerk / MG110CD

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For Fans Of: - Stone Throw Records - Analog Experimental Sample Based Music - Psychedelic Rock - Afro Ancestral I May Have No Possessions. But Here Lies Everything One Needs This Is Alexandre Francisco Diaphras Motto As Governor Of His Own Life. A Multifaceted Artist From Guinea-bissau. Based In Lisbon: Rapper. Poet. Edutainer & Beatmaker. Creating Music Based On Improvisation In Which He Blends His Psychedelic. Black Music. Afro Ancestral Influences And Love For The Non-quantized Beats In The Same Way As With Experimental Jazz. Mixed Contemporary And Urban Styles.
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Last year Diaphra wons the 3rd place at the 1st International Poetry Slam in Rio de Janeiro (Flupp). In 2012 Diaphra featured & toured Europe as MC/performer for Angolan/Portuguese project Batida’s eponymous debut album (Soundway),“a record that could change the african electronic music on the 21st century” (Songlines) - their live show was also “one of the best 10 acts from Womex” (NPR Radio). Diaphra’s Blackbook Of The Beats is following the idea of building instrumental bases on the outside environment wherever Diaphra feels inspired. A backpack, some vinyl records, a portable turntable and a sampler for self deconstruction / recreation from which resulted this (mainly) instrumental album and which is documented in form of musical videos in the dvd. The particulary of this project resides in the non-quantized beats over which the enlightening poetry is spoken, rapped and chanted in portuguese, where trial and error take part of the compositions which are enhanced with the use of instruments played by invited musicians and sometimes by Diaphra himself. Add to this various carefully handcrafted editions – including a silkscreened reproduction of the real Diaphra’s Black Book Of The Beats – and you get the kind of artifact we love to bump into.
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