Alec Troniq - IPOLY MATE 002

Alec Troniq
12" Vinyl D
Ipoly Mate / IPOLYMATE002

Image of the Record Front Side
Image of the Record Back Side

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After Ipoly Mates bracing ignition worlds are colliding on Ipoly Mate 002. just as Alec Troniq loves it. Strong voices and discreet acoustic instruments meet electronic grooves. Electronica hits Rock music. Pop strikes Tech House. Alec involves Rock. Jazz and Pop musicians here.
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When Alec found the love for the smashing songs of a rattling steamrolling Rock duo named "The Naked Hands", they decided to meet and fuse their ideas. A deep-freezing voice, a bluesy piano, a rolling bass guitar and recorded noises make up a shaking Indie Dance track of it's very own. Alec Troniq's original "Pimpernuckel" was one of the independent dance music hits of the penultimate summer and inspired the then still unknown Gabriel Vitel to sing along. Here we release this primal origin of Alec Troniq & Gabriel Vitels joint venture after their impacting successes "Mind Doodles", Gabriel's "Feeling Better" and beside their constant common live act touring.
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