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heavy playes by Ellen Allien (charts pos #3), Sven Vaeth, Richie Hawtin, DJ T ... We are very happy to present this new and fresh style of Ahmet Sisman s notorious sound! Supported by Grand Master Flash, Run Dmc, Africa Islam and Eddie Murphy!!

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After a little Summer Break the Slash Label is back with a new EP from multi talented Ahmet Sisman. As we already know it from his first Release (SLASH01) Mr. Sisman delivers us two dancefloor smashers on its own style. Loaded with some old fashioned Dancehall and Hip Hop passion, the “Miami Bass Machine EP” redefines the genre limits between modern electronic dance music and broken beats.

On the A-Side we got the title track “Miami Bass Machine” with pumped up “Wooomb” Basses and some driving hot vocals, which will surely raise up the heat of men and women. Beware of some turn headed dancers who wants more than a friendship with the attracted female species. Our tip: Safe Sex!!!

The B-Side track “Move” creates its groove through a strong baseline paired with screaming “Aaahhh” synthie lines and reverb effected claps. Some deep bass and synthies shots, Voila!!! We got the perfect peak time groove.

The exclusive digital track “Baze” points out the more soft and gentle side of the urban Hip Hop Movement.

We are very happy to present this new and fresh style of Ahmet Sisman's notorious sound! Supported by Grand Master Flash, Run Dmc, Africa Islam and Eddie Murphy!!
(added: 2009-09-15 09:27:52 )
Ellen Allien (Bpitch): Miami bass machine and Move...yo yo groovy, freaky, 5 stars for this release, I like it. Best, thanks. Ellen

Riche Hawtin (M_nus): Miami Bass Machine is my favorite, will play it.

Mathias Kaden (Vakant, Freude am Tanzen): 1st class tracks, i mean it, played them yesterday in Zurich ... that's the sound of 2010, move on Ahmet

Anja Schneider (Mobilee): Support!!

Jeremy P. Caulfield (Dumb Unit): super energy and pace, i like the abstract vocals, very post-modern and urban ... i played them all over in japan, they were the bomb, already charted!

Cesare vs. Disorder (Dumb Unit, Stock5, Serialism): Slash is great and Ahmet a master. very
good record. will play it a lot and chart. thank you

Ingo Gansera (Exercise One, Mobilee): all tracks have a perfect groove, im really into it ... "Move" will smash every dancefloor, no doubt!

Karotte (Cocoon, Great Stuff): yes Move is the one for me, played it already in my radio show.

Gary Beck (Soma, M_uns): love it, can't get enough of Ahmet's tracks, charted.

Nico Purman (Vakant, Curle): I really like the last Slash, sounds super strong, will play it.

Dario Zenker (Vakant, Ilian Tape): nice rap techno! cool production.move is my favorite!

Agoria (Different, PIAS): Miami Bass for me!

Patrick Bateman (TicTacToe): Hell yes! Another smasher from Slash and Mister Sisman!!! All 3 cuts are ACE. Full support!

Someone Else (Foundsound): really cool EP. i like the title track the most.

William Kouam Djoko (ThirtyOneTwenty): Ahmet's droppin' boombs on da flo'! Full on energy tracks reekin off steamin sex.. hehe Nice work on the vocal editing allover!

Christopher Colak (Dinamo FM, Istanbul): This is Ahmet's most sophisticated effort. And it is for me the best so far in his discography. Excellent über alles techno stuff. Lovely.

Josh Wink: Move is my favorite on the EP!

Troy Pierce (M_nus): Miami Bass Machine sounds fun!

Luciano Esse (Safar Electronique, Material Series): I was looking forward to the Slash 04 and its great! Full support!!
(added: 2009-09-22 13:36:17 )
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