Ace Records Sampler Vol.3
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Ace Records / cdchk1078

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Mean.Moody. Magnificent. Mangled Mayhem - with loud guitars and swirly organs. 25 years of bad attitude.
The Garage / Beat / Punk Rock record kicks off with the weirdest soundtrack to a car ad for a long while. Have Love Will Travel, the Richard Berry classic as mangled by the Sonics, must have helped shift a pile of Land Rovers. Stable-mates the Wailers are next up and out of their trees, a pretty good way to start any garage band selection. OK the Revels is a bit earlier, but a little weirdsville never hurt anyone. These Spiders are not from Mars, but from Japan, where they were doyens of the GS scene in the 60s, as indeed were our own spookily named Zombies, both here and even more so Stateside. The Wheels were from Belfast and you better believe it. We have three short sharp bursts of Punk Rock next and note that the version of Melody Lee by the Damned has never been out before. Finally we return to the garage, though this time for the 80s revival, kicking off with Billy Childish second group Thee Milkshakes and four tracks later their girlfriends the Delmonas. For four years in the early 80s these garage bands were the only people left standing up for real music by real men (& women) against a plethora of haircuts and trousers worn by men playing ironing boards. The Bugs - now they were a band that mysteriously came and went time for a fresh outing.
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