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It was 1975 and a mere 24 years since Ike Turner lit the blue touch paper on rock n roll with the incendiary Rocket 88 . when a small independent record company emerged from a couple of second-hand record stores in London. It was just before the fuse was lit on another stage in the rock n roll story with the emergence of punk rock and Chiswick Records helped strike the match - commencing with the release of the Count Bishops Speedball EP. With the same people at its head. the label evolved into Ace Records and they are proud to be celebrating their 30th anniversary in 2005. Ace has become the leading in-depth catalogue company in the world and has issued a vast amount of the best and most important music released in the US from the time of that first Ike Turner recording to the launch of their own company. That crucial period forms the core of the extensive Ace catalogue. They have often wandered off this central path. with excursions into World Music. some home-made recordings of local acts and have investigated Beat music from Belfast to Tokyo. But it is at the heart and soul of rock n roll that you will find Ace putting out that wild and frantic. deep and romantic. funky and punky music that will sure nuff turn you on!
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