A Cat Called Fritz  - SLOW DOWN

A Cat Called Fritz (ft.K-Ro)
7" Vinyl D
Coffee Break Records / cbr005

Image of the Record Front Side
Image of the Record Back Side

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Straight from the darkened alleyways of outer Paris. aCatCalledFritz has undertaken a journey of initiation where he breathes his passion for urban music into listeners. taking us along with his suitcases for the ride through space and time. searching for an airy and personal sound. too rare in the French music of today. This is the combination of drawing and music. taking us to the depths of Fritz. a solitary cat full of nostalgia. This isnt a beatmakers instrumental record. its a characters entire universe. an artistic. musical and graphic vision. influenced by his readings. records and musicians met over the past two years. His influences are varied and go from Massive Attack to Joni Mitchell and RZA or Jay Dee. but the end result is his and his alone. ESSENTIAL!!!
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