51 Black Super
cd D
VIETNAM / Because Music / BEC5156123

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Two and a half minutes of drums rolling under a whirlwind of cranky guitars and vocals arguing from the bottom of a 1990s boom box. thats 51 BLACK SUPER. 11 tracks and 30 minutes to cross the USA. from California with Pavement and Weezer to Ohio with Guided by Voices and The Raspberries… 51 BLACK SUPER isn’t a band to get lost on its way. or in futilities. Written. composed. recorded in an emergency. with short and intense sessions. the debut album by 51 BLACK SUPER is made in the image of its creators: spontaneous and eager to get things out there. Sounds like the Strokes with less cocaine and more facial hair. said a Californian rock critic after listening the two first few tracks
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