3 Chairs
3 Chairs / 3CHACD 3

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This is a duplicate from the 2004 CD edition. we bought the last stock from the producers . The only difference between the 2004 edition and this one is the sleeve. the sleeve on this CD is quite thin. whereas the sleeve from the 2004 edition was made of more solid material. Hence the cheap price for this double CD. The 3 Chairs collective consists of Theo Parrish. Kenny Dixon Jr. Rick Wilhite and M. Pittman. On the first CD theres all the tracks that came out on the vinyl triple pack which features Norma Jean Bell. Andres. Amp and Bubz (brother) Fiddler & Urban Tribes Sherard Ingram !! A collection of edgy. soulful house tracks. downtempo offbeat excursions and more upfront technosoul... On the second CD theres 6 tracks. some released . some unreleased. Straight up. minimal but still with a lot of detail. Get it
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