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12" Vinyl D 21.02.20
experimental industrial music! tip!
Fear 001
Climate of Fear
in stock
12.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 17.01.18
sleep-deprived, breakbeat-driven vignettes of unclear authorship, from somewhere west of lake lagoda, near the russia-finland border.sekundenschlaf has significant points of correspondence with contemporary european electronic music, as well as the golden age of (early) jungle and ambient techno. but its response to tradition, and to the zeitgeist, is idiosyncratic to say the least with an atmosphere and psychogeography rooted in the tranquility and majesty of western russian nature, and the anxiety and distress of the country s post-soviet working class. pastoral calm meets dissonance and unease. the music has a loose, improvised feel, but its arrangements are intricate, its melodies iridescent: cascading arpeggios that stir a sense of optimism and renewal, sighing string-pads that evoke the deepest melancholy. rhythms simultaneously hyped-up and burned-out, collapsing in on themselves as they race to destinations unknown. all bound together with field recordings of eavesdropped conversations, blurred into abstraction, a droning subliminal me, you ll be fine
Blackest Ever Black
out of stock
19.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 26.09.16
four-tracker ep of tracks i found on an allegedly refurbished hard drive i ordered on russian ebay. hand-printed linocut outer sleeve. the dark past side is for you at home: a1 is a slow burning, melancholic acid track, a2 an atmospheric ambient excursion. the bright future side on the flip, on the contrary, is made for the club: b1 is a house banger with one of the most fun breaks in a long time, b2 brings you the summer right onto your turntable.
Dark Past Bright Future
out of stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 15.03.16
sounds like someone discovered electronic music just the day before and started pressing random buttons on cheap synthesizers but some of the tracks were interesting fresh, new, out of the ordinary... cassette c40, clear case, 3-panel reversible 2-in-1-j-card, mastered by manes @ salz, cologne
Last Copy!
7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 04.07.19
incl. dj plead belly remix
out of stock
12.49 EUR *

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