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12" Vinyl D 13.03.18
zoe mc phersons exploration of this world on string figures is a deeply rhythmic. immersive and forward-thinking piece of elec-tronic-leaning music that remains just as danceable as it does experimental. the album is fundamentally one of duality. exploring the traditional and the contem-porary. organic and electronic. audio and visual. history and the future. rooted in this duality is also a core theme around string being one of the most ancient and playful art forms and the seemingly infinite possibilities it offers in terms of shapes. structures and figures lines up with this as a trans-global art project. one that over time will involve video art. choreography. 3d motion design. macro film. instrumental and electronic sound. although for now is being presented through an av performance. films and a record with mc pherson collaborating with director alessandra leone over the seven tracks (which are laid out as chapters) the record explores glitchy elec-tronics. dub-tinged grooves. polyrhythms. and a huge array of instruments that takes in quiet blasts of atonal sax alongside wonky synths.
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