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10" Vinyl UK 30.03.12
nice price deal !!! young legionnaire is paul mullen (yourcodenameis:milo, the automatic) on vox and guitar, gordon moakes (bloc party) on vox and bass, and dean pearson on drums. this ep is the follow up to their highly acclaimed debut album, >crisis works< (released by wichita in 2011). it features five brand new tracks and is released in a strictly limited edition of 500 copies on 10 inch vinyl. recorded in london and newcastle, it was mixed by alex newport (frank turner, death cab for cutie, two gallants) in new york. for fans of bloc party, yourcodenameis:milo, queens of the stone age, the bronx.
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7.48 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp UK 24.05.11
the debut album from young legionnaire, released on the 9th of may.
produced by rich jackson (future of the left, the automatic, the chapman family), crisis works combines the ferocious dynamics of trail of dead with the intensity of husker du, crisis works is an album full of power, intent and brilliant songs
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18.99 EUR *

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