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7" Vinyl US 12.02.19
Names You Can Trust
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7" Vinyl US 12.02.19
Names You Can Trust
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12" Vinyl US 09.12.09
beasts of no nation feat egypt 80!!!
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12" Vinyl D 07.07.11
supported and played by: seth troxler, anja schneider, adultnapper, anthony collins, audiofly, daria, deetron, franck roger, julien chaptal, kabale & liebe, lee jones, marco resmann, matt star, silicone soul, stacey pullen, .... the yangango ep shows you two faces. on the a side with the deeper cut >too big to fail< and on the b side through the bassline driven and euphoric title track >yangango<. both tunes are quite complex and geniusly arranged and at one point you can fly away on their crazy dynamic. the digitaline edit of >too big to fail< puts a new groove in front, takes it a bit more on the tooly side and highlights the fantastic synth work of the original mix.
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8.19 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 02.07.18
1 copy per customer!! everybody s favourite parisian party fiends are back, polishing up another batch of patchy pound bin finds and not-on-discogs delights for your next summer soirée. putting their orange-eagle eyes to good use, the lyo crew have trawled the crates of europe and beyond for this sunkissed set, working the scalpel to the max to pack the dancefloor in arms aloft ecstasy. our party starts with the kwaito groove of -avidiyo--, a killer bit of late 80 s afro-action boasting synth marimba, alien bass blasts and life affirming vocal chants. not only is this cut moving in the ants-in-your-pants/dancing-like-a-madman sense, but its sting-on-safari emotion and clarinet solo could bring a tear to a glass eye. cartwheeling between aspirational jazz-funk and afro-cosmic, yanga mbiwaa makes its way to the heart of the party like a bewildered parisian at an ivorian wedding. as tumbling toms rumble like thunder on the serengeti, an oddball exotica chant encourages the nearby wildlife to shake a tail-feather to the club tropicana guitars and buzzing synthbass. at last you have something to keep quantum jump s lone ranger company! last but not least comes autoradio , a very well mannered monsieur living the french highlife by the sea and sun of the mediterranean coast. effervescent afrobeat guitars and swooning sax dance over a rolling rhythm section of buoyant bass and 80s percussion, while a spoken vocal drawls in your direction and the girls ask if you re ok. it s only when the pinging, ringing, madly modulated bass breakdown bounds through your surroundings that you ll wonder who slipped what in your drink...
Good Plus
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12" Vinyl lp US 23.05.17
spencer clark hat früher zusammen mit james ferraro alias the skaters noise drone musik gemacht, später auch als monopoly child star searchers weitere sonische abenteuer unternommen, die in der experimentellen musikszene viel applaus bekam. unter seinem neuen namen typhonian highlife veröffentlicht er nun sein neues 8-track werk “the world of shells” als vinyl only release.
Sun Ark
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26.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl BE 30.11.16
(includes high-quality download in mp3, flac and more) typhonian highlife is the new moniker of spencer clark. clark is the ultimate shape shifter, a trickster continuously mutating from a sci-fi hero, into a mystic guru or into a speculative visionary.
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12" Vinyl US 26.10.16
this album, recorded by the nigerian rock group semi-colon in 1976, was an experimental response to fela kutis then-dominant afrobeat sound, substituting felas sophisticated horn charts and jazz leanings with wiry electric guitar work and a passion for vintage rock n roll. long fabled and coveted amongst collectors and djs alike, the album has remained one of the rarest of the nigerian 1970s afro cycle-, and now comb & razor sound is reissuing this lost gem of afro-rock for a new audience ! this reissue marks the second release from comb & razor sound, following up the success of its inaugural offering, 2011s nigerian disco and boogie compilation brand new wayo, which was spotlighted on npr’s all things considered and received favorable mention on its “song of the day.the new edition of afro-jigida continues comb & razors exploration of rare, cutting-edge popular music produced in nigeria in the 1970s and 80s..
Comb & Razor Sound
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25.95 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl UK 07.11.13
auf dem album feiern kuenstler wie angelique kidjo, ?uestlove (the roots), m1 (dead prez), tune-yards, kronos quartet, baloji, spoek mathambo, nneka oder tony allen in dreizehn grandiosen neubearbeitungen fela kutis musikalisches vermaechtnis. außer der compilation veröffentlicht knitting factory records ebenfalls am 15. oktober die letzten sechs titel in der reissue-serie von fela kutis gesamtwerk, die im maerz dieses jahres mit der compilation the best of the black president 2 und der ersten staffel der cds begonnen hatte.
Knitting Factory
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21.95 EUR *
cd NL 31.01.13
the definitive compilation of super biton de ségou, one of malis most important orchestras during its golden age of music. this album contains the best of the 2 early 70s albums previously released on mali kunkan and recorded under the aegis of sound wizard boubacar traoré. tip!
Kindred Spirits
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15.99 EUR *
cd NL 25.03.10
carlos nino the producer is out there on his own. carlos nino the dj is also very impressive (his spaceways radio show is kid of legendary in these parts). this mix contains exclusive tracks from the likes of gb, miguel atwood ferguson, flying lotus, hu vibrational and ammon contact next to folk/jazz gems... sick (a bit expensive as it comes from japan)
out of stock
15.99 EUR *
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