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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: yaleesa hall x malin
12" Vinyl D 04.12.17
as proprietors of the will & ink label, yaleesa hall & malin genie have been maintaining a busy and consistent release schedule of top notch techno sounds, largely releasing their own, well received, productions. the duo appeared on hypercolours 10 years compilation in 2016 with the excellent buchan trap, and weve been blessed to secure a full single release with the on-point pair. the mechanical funk of artin swings with plenty of assured groove, the shuffling hats, dense kicks and dubby stabs that ping pong across this fierce production mark this out as a real killer cut. dario & marco zenker, aka the zenker brothers, take time out from their busy ilian tape operations to remix artin into a brutal yet funky techno goliath. congas perpetually roll forward, with frenetic 909 hats and raw and ready stabs in what may well be one of the zenkers finest remixes to date. the essence of funk continues in hall & malins music, with cahen, a great slab of compelling techno that never slips too far into darkness, instead keeping an ever evolving groove and some abstract drone like synthesis to keep the mood buoyant. wrapping up the release is brown, a track that finishes as urgently as it starts, perhaps with a cap doffed to the purpose maker sounds of a certain jeff mills, but broadening the palette to allow some trippy sound architecture and an effective breakdown mid way through. modern day techno supplied by a duo that will most certainly flourish over the coming months, yaleesa hall & malin deliver the goods aplomb on this hypercolour single.
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12" Vinyl NL 02.02.17
the esteemed will & ink imprint hits the mini milestone of a tenth release by inviting old and new associates to remix some of the label s still essential back catalogue. the results are as weird and wonderful as you would expect of a label that has always gone its own way. mosca flips second lucas into something intense and brutal, with lashings of frazzled industrial synth sounds whipping about above pinging and high impact drums. italian chevel then transforms third lucas into five minutes of otherworldly machine made oddness. livity sound star asusu comes with a typically hi fidelity re-work of second carol. dubby and loopy, metallic and clean, it is a pristine track to get dance floors locked to a groove. and first carol reworked by its original producers yaleesa hall and malin, minimal dub with freaky sound design and the result is an earworm of a tune that burrows deep into your brain.
Will & Ink
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12" Vinyl NL 21.07.16
next up on will & ink is a second release from yeleesa hall & malin, hot on the heels of their last collaborative effort, lucas, at the end of 2015. once again the mysterious hall and amsterdam/paris based oscillate music boss cook up some hard hitting house that is sonically inventive. opener first carol has hulking kicks and hits and a writhing, monstrous sounding synth line that brings real rawness and energy to the four-four beats all around it. some spooky little beat-less passage of eerie industrial sounds appear before second carol again slips into a well swung and purposeful groove. this one is rubbery and rolling, with dubbed out chords riding up and down and airy hats adding a sense of scale. another ep of contemporary club music of the highest order.
Will Ink
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 18.12.15
the now well established and widely respected will & ink label hits release number eight with a debut collaborative effort from yaleesa hall and malin genie. they serve up three tracks after having both released individually on this label before. with forceful grooves, earth moving kick drums, well swung wood block hits and watery pads, this is perfect warehouse music once again from the will & ink label
Will Ink
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8.99 EUR *
3x12" Vinyl lp D 15.11.16
it would be fair to say that hypercolour, the uk label founded by alex jones and jamie russell, have come a long way since the label’s inception 10 years ago.
from humble beginnings, to a roster of artists spanning across continents, genres, styles, and sounds, the label curates a very special 16 track compilation album to celebrate ten years of operation, and to capture the essence of the label’s ethos and energies that have been at the forefront of the label’s output in recent times.
the triple vinyl release includes a download code.
HYPELP007 (136221)
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26.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 20.02.15
the will & ink label now hits release number 5 with an ep from malin that features two new cuts and a remix from yaleesa hall.
Will & Ink
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8.89 EUR *
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