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12" Vinyl D Pre sale (14.06.2019)
Five Easy Pieces
A1: VS20
A2: Heartland ft. Hollie Cook
A3: Way West
A4: Damascene
A5: Call On Me ft. Lulu James
B1: Les Musiciens
B2: Only One Thing ft. Lulu James
B3: Osu
B4: Dance of the Mantas
B5: Out + Out
21.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 27.02.18
xoa continues to lay out a formidable interpretation of african-infused dance music for the modern age, following on from lauded appearances on shake, one house and soundway. alongside contours, he comes to banana hill with some next level transcendental head-quaking business that reaches from the roots of afrobeat right through to contemporary fx dubbing business. -too much talking- is a proper eyes-closed roller for the hazy moment in the dance, and -express- ramps things up to a strident tempo layered with a barrage of congas and djembes. the hectic pace is offset by swooning melodies, all wistful synth splashes and plucky guitar chops, stirring the soul as much as the feet.
Banana Hill
out of stock
12.15 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 06.10.17
Last Copy!
11.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 13.12.16
ltd to 100 copies
while he may have been spotted in gentlemen s dub club amongst other festival friendly acts, as xoa nick tyson is going it alone to create globe-trotting sounds that speak to his musicianship and keen instinct for other kinds of grooves. there are in fact additional vocal spots on this ep including anthony joseph and monika liu, but the record is definitely pulled together by tyson s focused, refined vision. -in so- is a notable delight with its skittering beat and laconic guitar lines. watch out for the b side though, where the tracks get appropriate club revisions. byron the aquarius remix particularly stands out, injecting some broken beat bump into -in so-.
ONE 001
One House Records
out of stock
12.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp UK 25.01.13
mit dem album aoxomoxoa sind viele premieren der band verbunden. es war das erste album, das sie ausschließlich in tonstudios in nähe ihrer heimatstadt san francisco aufnahm, im pacific recording studio bei san mateo und im pacific high recording studio direkt in san francisco. es ist das erste album, bei dem tom constanten als festes bandmitglied mitspielte. robert hunter arbeitete nur als offizieller songwriter für die band und mit garcia bis zu dessen tod zusammen. zum ersten mal wurde ein schwerpunkt bei akustischen songs wie mountains of the moon und duprees diamond blues gelegt. somit musste lesh zum ersten mal einen akustischen bass spielen, was er mit dem spielen einer violine verglich, da dieser keine bünde für die finger hat.
Warner Bros Records
out of stock
30.99 EUR *

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