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12" NL 19.11.21
wulffius creates a warm and playful atmosphere on his debut album “sorang”.
Gost Zvuk
in stock
13.99 EUR *
12" UK 19.04.16
wicked bass label is excited to announce its 10th vinyl release with a debut from wuffius, a ukrainian producer from crimea. in the pines crowns ep comes with three original tracks which unveil the inspired beauty of the peninsulas nature via his psychedelic house beats
Wicked Bass
out of stock
8.15 EUR *
12" 08.10.19
new label from urkaine
in stock
6.71 EUR *
12" 15.02.17
banlieue records starts the year 2017 with the release of blasphema eternal, the imprints sixth record, which will in fact be the only va release of the year as the label will focus on artist eps. it features five very different cuts that somehow fit perfectly together under banlieues common thread: a timeless feel, tracks that are full of detail but often understated, a breath of fresh air ready to lift up bodies and minds on the dance floor and anywhere else. first comes a club-ready dubbed out track by duo nummer, then a rather ambient tune reminiscent of idms finest moments by michigans own dmarc cantu. on the flipside, a machine funk track of an electro persuasion by label boss benoit b, followed by uptempo dance floor abstraction by mir and some lo-fi jackbeat deepness courtesy of wulffius featuring lyrics in french by jack tezam. limited to 300 vinyl copies.
Last Copy!
8.60 EUR *
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