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12" Vinyl UK 22.03.19
deranged chi influenced house that channels the spirit of early cajmere / green velvet from william djoko (uttu / voyage direct)
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10.23 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 09.10.17
trained multi-genre dancer, dj, producer, mc and pure force of energy: meet william djoko, the latest talent from one of house music s foremost cities, amsterdam. djoko s effervescent performances and eclectic musical melange of disco, tech, afro, leftfield and straight up house first earned him a name in his native stomping grounds at places like trouw and are now propelling him onto the international dj circuit with slots at london s printworks and elrow town, circoloco in ibiza and concrete in paris among others. cutting his production teeth in the late zeros on amsterdam imprint thirtyonetwenty, william has gone on to release tracks on rush hour, mobilee, tuskegee and, most notably, tom trago s voyage direct label, as well as delivering remixes for the likes of darius syrossian and anja schneider. omg, william s quirky, colourful debut for strictly features vocals from jazz man camilo and remixes from the original king of new york house, todd terry. the todd terry in house mix is exclusive to the vinyl release.
Strictly Rhythm
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9.54 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 07.11.16
djoko is no stranger to voyage direct. having first appeared on the label way back in 2012, hes returned numerous times since, becoming an integral member of the imprints growing family of artists. x rated stuff.
VD 26
Rush Hour Voyage Direct
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8.57 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 06.07.15
the second release from the hlanganani label lives up to its mo to provide a platform for talented producers from south africa to shine, focusing here on deep sixty, aka young and fast-rising producer johannesburg producer thabiso mamogwa. back in 2010, the producer made it to london to take part in the red bull music academy, which is when the hlang team first heard the tracks that make up the mme hayo ep whilst some studio time on the same trip with todd soundmurderer osborn resulted in the thursday nights track which mamogwa previously self-released. in addition to deep sixty s own deep terror mix of mme hayo, the label have coaxed some fine remixes out of esa and william kouam djoko.
Hlanganani Music
in stock
10.71 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 24.09.14
second release on seth troxler and martinez brothers hotly tipped * tuskegee * imprint is courtesy of dutch house master william kouam djoko. his three tracker of off kilter acid-tinged floor-jams are a truly something to behold. bathe your ears in the majesty of sacred secrets and witness the floor go crazy!
Tuskegee Music
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9.74 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 23.09.14
mobilee records is thrilled to welcome william kouam djoko on board in his fresh release of satisfied.
in stock
7.40 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 14.11.13
william kouam djoko returns to voyage direct with deflourished. after a year with a lot of high highs and some deep lows, william found himself on the dance floor listening to a set by chicago footwork specialists dj rashad & dj spinn.
RH-VD 011
Rush Hour Voyage Direct
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8.57 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 02.07.13
the leftroom imprint returns this june with man like me, by william kouam djoko, backed with a remix from house veteran matthew herbert.
in stock
7.75 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 03.05.12
we welcome william kouam djoko to the voyage direct family with his first release for the label. with this new release by the the hague native, the label continues to release dutch only artists. william delivers some late night house goodies here. the title track is a pulsating and hypnotic track that leads with a repetitive >we are your brothers & sisters< vocal before diving into an epic organ and drum break
Rush Hour Voyage Direct
in stock
8.76 EUR *
12" Vinyl BE 24.08.11
back for his third release on hometown label thirtyonetwenty comes captain funktastic himself, william kouam djoko! if you have see him perform you know that this guy has the funk oozing through through his veins like a predatory viper going for the kill.
>cant lose my rhythm< takes you on a jazzy dreamscape, with of course all vocals are done by william himself which has become one of his signature trademarks.
>dazzling urbanite< takes thing a bit more down tempo, a perfect track to play when the first rays of light come shining throught the windows of the panorama bar.
last but not least we included remixes of the acclaimed classic >hard loving<, this time its kabale und liebe who does the honour, a name who doesnt need any further introduction!
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7.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 13.12.10
as one of the most driven and unique producers of amsterdam and >friend of the family< we are happy to welcome william kouam djoko officially to the label. with his track yes, now on soweso various artists volume 1 he already turned heads with his unique blend of deepness, darkness, sex and dancefloor vibes. now we are proud to present william kouam djoko - day break e.p
Last Copy!
7.79 EUR *
coloured12" Vinyl BE 17.06.09
building on the momentum of last years hard loving, william takes it to the next level, spearheading his own unique sound. big with mathias kaden, 2000andone , raresh , kabale und liebe , brothers vibe, lauhaus, karotte, d julz and many more
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7.79 EUR *
3x12" Vinyl D 09.07.18
loco dice has unveiled his darkly eclectic album ‘love letters, a 15-track embodiment of his diverse production range. featuring the latest single ‘were alive, the most highly anticipated record of his recent sets. dices third studio album after ‘7 dunham place and ‘underground sound suicide sees him reflecting on his musical influences and connections to dusseldorf and beyond. the album is packed with the producers typically forceful tones, which blur the lines between house and techno. utillising the bristling sounds and smooth drum beats, dices love letters album serves as an aural embodiment of the tones which make his sound so unique. throughout ‘love letters, dice uses his own vocals more frequently than on previous albums, which makes the production both trippier and more personal, representing past and present.
out of stock
27.28 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 04.12.17
a few years ago we have been visited by a ufo, -dig it, understand it- has been made right after that encounter, gigi masin and william djoko provided 2 amazing remixes, something u would probably hear in a club inside an interstellar station, even though we don t know if they have turntables out there...
Tunes from Blue Mondays
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9.06 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 20.07.17
the much talked about love fever label is back with a hot new ep, this time from absolute with remixes from willian djoko. it follows big records from the likes of citizen, john daley and bicep and is another essential outing from this top label.
Love Fever
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10.23 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 18.05.15
voyage directs message comes through loud and clear on the labels first compilation, a collection that takes in both unreleased tracks and a hand-picked selection of classics from the imprint s first five years...
VD 22 LP3
Rush Hour Voyage Direct
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8.76 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 03.07.14
releases on piekup, blabla records and soweso music, efde now feels it is time for the next step, which also includes a new musical direction. with a truckload of fresh energy and motivation there is nothing stopping efde from making 2013 his definite breakthrough year. including a very nice william kouam djoko remix.
Nordik Records
out of stock
8.08 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 25.02.14
to coincide with the release of matt tolfrey & ryan crossons forthcoming dont be leftout mix compilation, the leftroom imprint offers up a vinyl sampler of exclusive content produced for the comp. the four track package is set to drop in february ahead of the full release in march and brilliantly showcases the outstanding level of quality found throughout the compilation.
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9.74 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 22.03.12
killer groovin techhouse / deep house ep
Catwash Hors Series
out of stock
8.08 EUR *
12" Vinyl BE 07.09.11
for our 33rd release we welcome back darius syrossian whos last area remote >stay up dancing, get in monday< scorched the international club systems back in march.
seeking for peace was triggered after darius got home from a great gig and while chilling at home saw the news on tv. horrific footage of the onslaught in the middle east and the suffering of the innocent families caught up in the bombing made him realise that when he had been living it up, others were living in fear.
bass not bombs is the inspiration for the other 3 remixes. the proceeds from his two tracks will be given to the international red crescent.
Area Remote
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7.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl ES 14.07.10
nice price deal !!! incl william kouam djoko and remixes!! massive support: marco carola, paco osuna, nick curly, matthew dear, kabale und liebe, danny tenaglia, alex celler, boris werner, luke solomon, chris carrier, mathias kaden, affkt, rhadoo, arado, liapin, mihalis safras, varoslav, oleg poliakov, delete, anthony collins, edgar de ramon, jairo catelo, tania vulcano, alex neri, leix, edu imbernon, timo maas, federico grazzini, andrew grant, onno, quentin harris, brothers vibe, tom wax, jonnas snauffer, piok, isaac fabregat, and more
Kiara Records
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7.29 EUR *
VOL. 1
12" Vinyl D 31.05.10
after makams >hide you ep<, the 6th release on soweso brings you 5 unique tracks on >various artists vol. 1<. first of is william kouam djoko from sowesos homebase amsterdam. he shows us the future of techhouse and its a taster of whats to come from him on soweso. markus homm & markus schatz bring us >nypd<, a subtle and smooth deephouse trip that is ideal for an after hour burner. on the flipside we bring you santos resiak with his amazing track >saully<. an epic house track that will bring many dancefloors to the next level. the last track on the vinyl is by rumanian funk master negru. >dont shoot … its me< is an ode to old school funk with a typical and dirty house style that we got to know from him.
out of stock
7.30 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 08.02.10
adult only presents their last series of remixes originally from the catwash album, to be released at the beginning of 2010. a1 : the full side is an energetic remix of >groovabilisme< by dutch producer kabale und liebe (100 % pure, area remote). he displays his hypnotic groove in this bouncy track b1 : >lost in bucarest< remix by william kouam djoko (thirty one twenty) , who released a track on tobi neumann & onur ozers mix green & blue 2009 (cocoon) and boris werner (area remote, moon harbor). here is a sunny and tribal remix made by two of the newest talents from amsterdam. b2 > lost in bucarest< national jacking remix by phil weeks, the boss of french label robsoul. constant pressure and slightly euphoric feeling on this techy track.
Adult Only
out of stock
7.20 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 04.02.10
support by luciano, reboot, sebo k, raresh, nuick curly.... chris carrier, one of the most respected names of the french underground house scene for more than 10 years, delivers his debut ep for off recordings. la fabourienne is the kind of peaktime tracks that you know and love off for, jacking grooves, a strong bassline and an infectious saxophone theme will turn your dancefloor upside down – guaranteed! jeudi is a completely different affair – a laidback sparse groove, garnered with 100% self-played live instruments and percussions show carriers deeper side, making this outstanding piece of music the deepest and most musical track released on off so far. william kouam djoko, one of biggest fresh talents of amsterdams ever-growing house scene, delivers a unique interpretation of jeudi for his friend and house-hero mr. carrier, straightening the deep original into a twisted techno-jazz-experience for the feet and the heart in two interpretations: the vinyls perky mix is more aimed at the dancefloor, while the trippy aftermath mix is perfect for afterhours. the ep is finished by cycles gladiator, a deep and timeless housetool typical for mr. carrier, perfect for the earlier or later hours of the night
out of stock
7.40 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 07.04.08
check out >amir<, its a very big anthem !!
Produkt Schallplatten
out of stock
7.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 19.12.07
quagmires third >artist ensemble< ep introduces the first four new artists to the labels roster. this quartet hails from dutch soil, william kouam djoko residenting in amsterdam as mical rhebess, pevanu and tim woestenenk living in the so called >backcorner< of east holland, near the german border. non of these young and talented producers released solo on vinyl before, which gives quagmire the absolute releasing debuts for these close friends of the label. william kouam djokos serialism repetition fills the complete logo side. this loopy bomb sucks you in a whirlpool of wet percussions and snareriffs. transitions are hardly recognizable and changing elements seem to continue. dynamic and delicate techhouse as never seen before on quagmire. tim woestenenks sunset love on the info side sets the elegant mood for this ep. microhouse in its purest form, stripped down to the most functional sounds. a big stab and a broken oriental stringinstrument give this track a incredible sense. timeless club music
out of stock
7.50 EUR *
cd NL 06.05.15
voyage directs message comes through loud and clear on the labels first compilation, a collection that takes in both unreleased tracks and a hand-picked selection of classics from the imprints first five years.
VD 22 CD
Rush Hour Voyage Direct
out of stock
14.61 EUR *
cd UK 04.04.14
dj, produzent und leftroom labelbetreiber matt tolfrey schmiedet nach seinem studioalbum word of mouth eine allianz mit ryan crosson (visionquest), um ein hervorragendes mixset aus komplett exklusiven tracks und eigenen edits zu kreieren. feat. jay haze & ricardo villalobos, larry heard aka mr fingers, huxley, luke solomon, h-foundation & blakkat, pezzner, u.v.a.
Last Copy!
15.55 EUR *
cd D 30.10.12
berlins legendary club with their first label and compilation - worldexclusive through wordandsound. selected and mixed by onur Özer!
out of stock
13.64 EUR *
2xcd D 28.09.09
the green & blue open air on the first september weekend has become a fixed date in the festival schedule for seven years now. in this year, the second edition of the associated mix-cd is to be released, mixed by two djs who are able to revert on both long-time experience and innovation in sound: tobi neumann and onur Özer.
out of stock
19.49 EUR *
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