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12" Vinyl UK 14.02.20
will lister with some serious broken beats.
Of Paradise
in stock
10.71 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 25.04.18
for anma’s sixth outing we see a coupling of two remarkable talents from either sides of the atlantic, each taking two turns across a side of crisp wax. first up for the us side we have new york based trinidadian deep. personally mentored by chi-town legend ron trent and with his own unique vision of soulful deep house, he has imparted us with two deeply immersive cuts of intense dance floor electricity, laced with his signature percussive club spirituality! for the uk flip, london based will lister is a name to watch out for, a young producer who can boast his first wax release being put out on phonica’s own house label! taking things down a notch on the pitch fader, will has provided two slow-mo jams that reward the attentive listener with his sensuous and detailed production style. building tension meticulously before releasing energy with aplomb and polishing things beautifully with his class jazzy flair. lovingly pressed on 180g vinyl, hand stamped and labelled on a limited run.
Anma Records
out of stock
10.23 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 05.10.17
eliphinos joy in repetition imprint presents will lister s sophomore release, space to breathe. after a solid introduction to the world on phonica records in 2015, this ep finds will in strident form displaying production acumen that belies /beyond his 20 years. floating around the 110bpm mark, there are prominent elements of jazz, hip hop and house music. his production efforts create a warm ethereal atmosphere cut with a tough percussive edge. this prodigious young producer has a great deal of talent and will be someone you ll hear a lot more about in the coming years. dj support: larry heard said: very nice! thanks… midland: lovely this is! john m gomez karma is bubbling really nicely, thanks! alex nut: yeah this is wicked, will is defo one to watch, i ll be showing this release some love 4 sure. graham lockhurst (mr bongo) big fan of will. this is excellent
Joy In Repetition
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 30.06.16
following on from last years exceptional ‘obsession ep’ from art crime is a budding young talent by the name of will lister. originally from lyme regis, will moved up to london to attend goldsmiths university and in his spare time he helps us out behind the counter here at the shop. when he’s not here at the shop you can also hear him playing records on his balamii radio show or his monthly club night, ‘the aten’. ‘the phantom ep’ is his production debut and we’re extremely happy to be putting it out on our main imprint. the title track opens up the ep with heavily reverbed pads, echoed claps, crunchy percussion and repetitive synth stabs that all work together to create spaced-out atmosphere that’s full of twist and turns. flipping over to the b-side, ‘after the light’ picks up the pace with a driving high-hat rhythm and full-bodied kicks that underpin warm piano keys and smooth synth lines. ‘agency’ closes proceedings by turning up the intensity to full with a masterclass in building tension.
Phonica Records
in stock
11.20 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 06.02.18
following a red letter release in the form of joe armon-jones & maxwell owin s idiom, yam recordings return with the second installment of their you and music compilation series, this time compiled by yam fam hollick & z lovecraft. kicking things off on the a side is native cruise, a new artist hollick has been working extensively with on no bad days, bringing that signature ‘floaty yet punchy’ sound. it’s a kwaito-esque club jam with pan flutes and percussive loops bringing that energy to the start of the record. will listers sunset over st. petets spire is up next with a hypnotising yet intricate production from the hugely promising talent. will is a dude very much affiliated with yam and, of course, our pals over at balamii radio so it only seemed natural to have him on the record. that melody is a proper ear-worm too! the b side, curated by z lovecraft, is a slightly tougher affair with three tracks representing his taste in soulful sounds and expands on his a&r work for rhythm section international. first up is rouge me&#769,,chaniques prisma ltd a 7-minute psychedelic drum odyssey showcasing the multi instrumentalists many talents and influences, with guitar overdubs and flute ambience taking the dance floor far and beyond. on b2, upcoming break beat talent, lt, takes the helm with gale force. hailing from the peak district, lt makes work of deep vocal pads, 606 touches and a killer bass line. finishing off the compilation is wholemeal musics boy wonder, dear earth, who conjures a charming hip-hop ditty with his delicate assemblage style.
Yam Records
out of stock
10.42 EUR *
cd UK 15.06.09
out of stock
19.49 EUR *

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