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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: wheelman
12" Vinyl UK 17.02.21
glasgow legend and good pal of rad, wheelman is back on his own stereotone imprint after releases on dba and studio barnhus support from: axel boman, shy one, mr redley, iona
Stereotone Records
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14.49 EUR *
10" Vinyl UK 15.08.18
glasgow s wheelman provides the tenth iteration of dba s dubs series, following a series of high profile releases on huntleys & palmers, studio barnhus, and his own stereotone label. signal is wheelman s most ambitious effort to date, its searing amen stabs and deep sub bass guaranteed to wreck any club, while floating pads and crystalline strings add a bittersweet moment of rave nostalgia to the breakdown. on the flip, in line with the dba dubs concept of pairing a house track from an up and coming uk producer with a remix by an established techno name from across the pond, detroit in effect provide a cold, bleep-drenched take which raises the tempo of wheelman s original to an almost breakneck speed. d.i.e, also known as cybonix, were prolific throughout the late 90s and early 00s on their own m.a.p. label and more recently on rotterdam s clone. to coincide with the release of the tenth edition in the dba dubs series the label are also making all ten original tracks available as a digital package, while all ten of the remixes from the series get their own bundle, with wheelman and basic soul unit providing a megamix of each edition respectively.
DBA Dubs
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11.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 16.01.18
as huntleys + palmers events has drawn to a close, 2018 will see a big focus in releasing some brilliant new music and introducing some amazing new artists. first up is wheelman straight out of glasgow and fresh off the back of his debut for our studio barnhus buddies. to our shame, it took a kornel kovacs trip to rubadub to bring to our attention a real talent who was under our now the whole time! hed even been to a bunch of our parties and wed never made the connection. righting this wrong, we promptly hit him up for music to include on a clyde built compilation and they were so good, we designated the bulk of these tracks to this release 5 absolute belters!
out of stock
10.42 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 11.09.17
it’s split single time at studio barnhus as we come correct with two pieces of proper-not-proper house music for the daredevil deejay. jonathan fernandez is only 23 but has lived in glasgow forever - under his wheelman moniker and as head of label/party stereotone, our brilliant new friend has quickly become scotland’s worst kept secret. track comes overflowing with mind-expanding rave signal and ruff-ruff square bass for your face! hanky – secret new alias of one of stockholm’s most recent and most exciting dance music exports – delivers a chaotic yet steady “super-groove”, equally primed for the club floor and the anger management class. artwork by johan jonason, award-winning film director/artist and elusive lead singer of man tear. studio barnhus, 2017
Studio Barnhus
in stock
8.53 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 13.06.16
great debut release and new label from a rubadub shop regular featuring tracks from shop regulars. tip. this first release is made up of 3 tracks from my friends and 1 from myself. there’s no concept here other than putting out music that was otherwise not going to see the light of day. the first track is by bleaker who put out a 12inch on unknown to the unknown last year, the second by miz aka big miz whos been putting out music on dixon avenue basement jams, the third by the burrell connection who has a release on west end communications and a track on a craig knows released compilation and the last track is from myself which got a play on big mizs boiler room set. these tracks were all sent to me around the same time and it felt right to make a place for them on a record. bleaker, miz and the burrell connection have all been making waves in scotland and beyond and these 3 tracks are proof that the attention is warranted. and i dont think my track is too bad either.
in stock
11.20 EUR *
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