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12" Vinyl UK 19.08.14
nathan fake and wesley matsell are both producers best known for their releases on border community - nathan fake has been putting out psychedelic permutations on dance music since 2003 for the label, while matsell recently released the blissful total order of being ep for them earlier in 2014. cambria instruments is a new label venture from the pair, and for the first release they have teamed up for a split 12- of kaleidoscopic electronic sounds. nathan fake s contribution black drift starts things off, an initially inauspicious tripping beat gathering momentum and morphing into a far-out piece of fuzzy house underpinned by sunken low-end rumbles. it s the kind of brilliantly wide-eyed track we have come to expect from the producer. over on the flip, wesley matsell s bismuth is a more shadowy, moody affair, a tight techno rhythm holding things together while synths spin wildly. a highly expressive, lysergic trip and one of his finest productions to date. all in all, you couldn t hope for a stronger start from a new label.
Cambria Instruments
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4.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 06.03.14
der enigmatische, walisische produzent wesley matsell meldet sich auf border community zurück mit bester 1990er dance-utopia im stile von orbital, lone oder the mfa. limitierte auflage von 500 stück weltweit.
Border Community
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7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 19.04.12
studio barnhus number nine is called zones within zones – it’s an ep by wesley matsell, who follows up his 2008 debut on border community with four brand new tracks: the unmaker (euphoric soundhack-meets-junior boy’s own rave smasher), ultra vivid parse (noisy chicago-on-‘roids stomper), mind vs. mind (trippy-as-fuck tech house funkster) and pyramideleven
Studio Barnhus
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 14.10.08
bei james holden auf 1!! toller shuffle track umhüllt mit einer tollen atmosphäre! ltd.
Border Community
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7.79 EUR *
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