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12" Vinyl UK 19.03.19
producer : nu guinea, .... tartelet records and the vinyl factory join forces for a release showcasing remixes from two prominent americans and a great dane. ge-ology and byron the aquarius of sound signature and tartelet veteran james braun deliver three outstanding remixes of wayne snow s feel good tune nothing wrong taken from his debut album freedom tv . the original version, produced by naples-based duo nu guinea, is an irresistible up-tempo funk tune that has been getting serious spins from some of the most respected selectors in the game. ge-ology s in-reverse-reflip mix is a trippy ten-minute journey through layered in-reverse melodies and subtle acid carried by a tight, stripped-back groove. the result is a hypnotic gem that sits comfortably in any late night set. byron the aquarius slows it down for his live mix adding a playful bassline, live drums, rhodes and synth almost reminiscent of kool & the gang s 1974 hit summer madness . tartelet mainstay james braun steps back into the limelight after years of silence with a highly effective club mix, combining his signature low-slung house grooves with wayne s backing vocal, turning it into something that is both pumping and exotic.
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12" Vinyl D 09.07.18
after two incredible eps, wayne snow the nigerian-born, berlin-based vocalist and songwriter now presents his debut album on tartelet records. freedom tv is the natural sequel to the max graef produced tasters red runner (2014) and rosie (2015) a project marinated in afro-caribbean, soulful grooves and topped by waynes effortless falsetto acrobatics. as the title suggests, freedom tv is an album with themes of liberty, struggle and creative identity pumping through its veins. within ten tracks, snow fluently meanders between musical styles: from low-tempo soothers like album opener cooler and fall to the syncopated bruk of the rhythm and cosmic funk escapades found on nothing wrong. production comes from three varied and solid sources. the tag-team between snow and fellow berliner, max graef
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12" Vinyl UK 15.06.15
vocalist wayne snow first appeared on max graef s critically acclaimed debut album from last year and later his solo e.p red runner on tartelet records. recently, wayne featured on french producer darius helios ep, which will be out in april on roche music. for this release he s again teamed up with max graef and team tartelet. this second ep rosie delivering a fresh badge of rugged soulfulness over off-kilter chords, body shaking basslines & dusty beats as max does best. combining wayne s falsetto vocals with max s beats and production for a record that heralds the sunshine and a spring of cold beers, rowing boats on the spree and strong sativa.
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12" Vinyl UK 23.07.14
through ties with the likes of glenn astro, muff deep, brandt brauer frick and ctepe 57, copenhagens tartelet records have become a coterie for an auspicious breed of modern-day oddball. opting for analogue gear, the tartelet mainstays bring together lopsided sampling and loose-limbed rhythms suffused with a distinctive degree of resistless energy. shapeshifting with each record, the releases continue to roll behind the success of max graefs *rivers of the red planet* lp. the next instalment comes courtesy of a previous collaborator with max - nigerian born vocalist and songwriter kesiana a.k.a wayne snow. now a resident of berlin and with music as his liberator - snow stands at a comfortable vantage point where escape from a tough past is visible. now in full flow - his first ep *red runner* sees snow drop a deluge of soul over grubby rhodes tones, contorted melodies and tumbling drums backed up by remixes from glenn astro and delusions of grandeur regulars session victim.
Tartelet Records
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2x12" Vinyl NL 19.09.19
glossy soul, jazz, and serene house.
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12" Vinyl D 02.08.19
the long awaited debut lp from budapest born / berlin based musician and producer Àbáse.
Cosmic Compositions
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12" Vinyl UK 19.03.18
long time friend of the label, neue grafik, steps forth with his most fully realised offering to date. this record has been a long time coming, born out of a encounter in paris back in 2016. this meeting of minds led to a blossoming friendship between fred ( neue grafik) and bradley ( rs intl) which has taken them across 3 continents, countless dance-floors and finally crystallised onto this 12-. the record itself takes cues from the broken-beat sound of london while paying homage to the parisian house dance scene. largely sample based, but also employing much more live instrumentation than ever before, neue grafik s music is informed by movement and in turn offers so much for dancers to respond to.
Rhythm Section International
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12" Vinyl UK 30.06.17
erstmals auf vinyl! ausgabe nr.12 des beliebten brownswood-samplers von dj-ikone & trendsetter gilles peterson mit zehn exclusives und raritäten aus den bereichen nu jazz, soul, broken beats, world und downbeat. eine abwechslungsreiche, aurale exkursion für musikliebhaber, zusammengestellt von einem wahren trainspotter! zu den bisherigen bubblers gehörten flying lotus, mayer hawthorne, ghostpoet und jamie woon. part 2 folgt !
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12" Vinyl lp D 09.06.17
note: limited to 200 copies
goran uroic is behind this stunning solo project from croatia. manmachine is a modern version of the best leonard cohen, trapping the audience with simple musical compositions that repeats instruments most of the time, reaching the perfection trough a sort of naïf minimal synth and all that combined with pure poetry, cause the most relevant about this project is the lyrics and the hidden messages and trues on each of the 7 tracks included on this minialbum. manmachine 12” arrives on ultra limited and ultra deluxe edition, the lyrics will be reproduced on handwritting by goran himself on the printed innersleeve. this will be for sure considered one of the best oraculos to date. we are in front of an inmediate classic. all tracks remastered specially for vinyl by eric van wonterghem at prodam studio (berlin).
Oraculo Records
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12" Vinyl UK 07.12.16
wolf music is delighted to announce an exciting new addition to its label roster, neue grafik. with previous releases on esteemed labels such as beat x changers, slime recordings and s3a records, french producer and dj, fred bwelle aka neue grafik, has quickly risen as one of the most promising acts to come out of the new french electronic scene.
Wolf Music
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