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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: wd-40 trax
12" NL 26.11.21
dj schwa returns as wd-40 with his new partner in crime, jan pos.
Beef Records
in stock
8.70 EUR *
2x12" UK 13.10.10
amazing doublepack vinyl introduction to new 2020 vision signings morning factory. naming yourselves after a ron trent & chez damier track is a pretty strong statement of intent and you have to have the deep house chops to match. luckily these two guys from the netherlands can walk the walk, this doublepack release harks back to the golden era of deep house. the four tracks are all linked by their deep and grooving atmospheric. from the deep slow detroit sound of >dedication<, to the hypnotic drum workout of >btraxx<, to the bolshie >bouncing moog< to the infectious lead track >lovedazin.< previously receiving on yore records these guys are only starting out, but this release is bound to put them on the map.
2020 Vision
out of stock
10.64 EUR *
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