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12" Vinyl NL 09.05.19
1per customer , repress from the debut album from slovenian act videosex. while little known outside of the former yugoslavia, videosex’s self-titled debut album from 1984 sold in significant numbers, making superstars of the young slovenian musicians responsible for making it. the set not only helped turn yugoslavian teenagers on to the possibilities of western-style electronic pop, but also inspired them via satirical, often explicit lyrics. their debut performance at the novi rock festival in ljubljana lead to an immediate contract offer from slovenia’s biggest record label. it wasn’t long before the band were holed up in studio top ten in ljiublana recording what would become their debut album. they effectively moved in to the studio for days and weeks on end, clocking up well over 200 hours of recording time in which they mixed experimentation with a desire to polish each song to perfection. the result is their first album which includes nine songs touching a variety of sexually charged subjects including erotica, lesbianism, voyeurism and sadism.
Rush Hour
in stock
19.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 15.12.15
after the very polish and the very soviet cut-outs, zambon continues his endless trip around eastern europe with another excursion. now it s time to follow him and dive deep into dance music of former yugoslavia. the very first volume of the brand new the very yugo cut-outs exposes a little known scene of editors based around the cult club 20/44 in belgrade, serbia. a duo of djs and producers called kompleks is responsible for three edits here, while the label boss zambon supplies the last one. tracks range from poppy new wave of jakarta group from serbia, through psychedelic rock of seid memic aka vajta from bosnia, yugo boogie of kim band from serbia/macedonia and sleazy synthpop of videosex group from slovenia. the unique vibe and amazing skills of yugoslavian musicians from the rich and unfortunately still little known scene are guaranteed to move both you and your local dancefloor. hvala!
The Very Yugo Cut-Outs
in stock
10.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 17.10.08
punchy drugged out synthetic disco trax
M Division
out of stock
8.59 EUR *
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