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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: verb t & pitch 92
12" Vinyl lp UK 07.10.19
verb t and pitch 92 pick up where they left off with ‘good evening’.
High Focus
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26.99 EUR *
cd UK 04.10.19
High Focus
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2x12" Vinyl lp UK 29.11.17
high focus records regular and member of uk rap super group the four owls, verb t has joined forces with production wizard pitch 92 for the new album ‘good evening’.
pitch, who has spent the past few years as the musical mastermind behind the award winning mouse outfit collective has excelled himself on this release bringing to the table a delectable selection of funk & soul infused bangers serving as the perfect backdrop for verb t to unleash his smooth brand of thoughtful lyrics and hooks.
having spent 3 years writing for ‘good evening’ verb t has put forward some of his most personal rhymes to date, delivered with a new found passion that sees the veteran build on a body of work that stretches back to the days of low life records and now sees him as a major part of the ever expanding high focus records movement. the album features guest vocals from uk giants ocean wisdom, jehst, drs, fliptrix, bva, king kashmere of strange u, sparkz, black josh, rye shabby, confucious mc and moreone.
‘good evening’ on limited edition vinyl will be officially released with a digital dropcard containing a digital copy of the album plus bonus instrumentals!
High Focus
Last Copy!
28.99 EUR *

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