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VEDIT 04 (10 INCH)
10" Vinyl UK 28.05.18
mysterious batch of edits from the east. guaranteed heat for the most discerning of the dancefloors.
out of stock
10.62 EUR *
VEDIT 03 (10 INCH)
10" Vinyl UK 03.11.17
mysterious batch of edits from the east. guaranteed heat for the most discerning of the dancefloors
out of stock
10.23 EUR *
VEDIT 02 (10 INCH)
10" Vinyl UK 17.10.17
mysterious batch of edits from the east. guaranteed heat for the most discerning of the dancefloors.
out of stock
9.93 EUR *
VEDIT 01 (10 INCH)
10" Vinyl UK 17.08.17
mysterious batch of edits from the east. guaranteed heat for the most discerning of the dancefloors.
out of stock
9.74 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl NL 22.07.20
cuban jazzdance house pack from the xxxv edit series. cubanized pt. 1 & 2 + extra flagbelt to keep them together. limited to 40 copies.
Common Series
in stock
25.33 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 22.07.20
cuban jazzdance house.
Common Series
in stock
12.18 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 22.07.20
Common Series
in stock
12.18 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 30.04.20
more edits from the common series camp. pre order advised, limited copies available.
Common Series
in stock
11.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 23.01.20
fantastic edits from the common series. be quick!!!
Common Series
in stock
12.27 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 01.07.19
4 hot edits on limited vinyl.
Common Series
Last Copy!
13.64 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 03.06.19
hot disco edits!
Common Series
in stock
13.64 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 26.01.18
limited edition edits, 350 copies, vinyl only, no repress.
out of stock
9.25 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 02.03.17
chilled, downtempo grooves driven ambient & idm electronica excursions
Out To Lunch 222 (20222)
out of stock
9.06 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl FR 26.05.14
nelistening back, ‘interlude’ will feel like the perfect opening to ‘skylax’. a jazzy encore crawls in, morphing into a skippy hip-hop instrumental with jason’s signature flourishes all over it. aptly named as it is, this is the breathing space between whatever came before in your day, and the eleven deep house gems that are to follow. speaking of, ‘the love’ will have you gripped from the first bar. it glides the listener in, then subtly drops that signature, tightly-tuned bassline of jason’s and continues onto soulful vocals from there. ‘old dayz’ touches on a bit of a nostalgic note. the spoken vox cuts harken back to 90s hip-hop joints, playing over a looped latin sample-led beat. from there, ‘rawkicks 2’ shows jason’s rough and ready sampling style in action. a seemingly simple track, but one which has that special something which guarantees to keep people on the floor moving for its duration. ‘cut b’ contrasts this nicely, being a much cleaner production with tight drum programming and synth work. that said, it still has the classic jg atmosphere we love. closing out the first half of the album, ‘definition’ slows the pace ever so slightly, with its eternal pad structure that builds up the track’s momentum into something very mellow and deep.bringing in the second half of ‘skylax’, ‘john blue’ takes things back a notch further. a deeper tune, yet one that shows off an uncharacteristically punchy bass hit from jason. ‘last night’ is a track more reminiscent of jason’s first lost cuts ep on wax classic, sounding as if it had been freshly taken off an old tape with its sample-led beat and background hiss. the last four tracks of the album see a return to the ‘mastercuts’ and ‘lovedits’ series which fans will recognize from the ‘lost cuts’ records, with ‘lovedits 7’ and ‘mastercut 5’ respectively. the former is a laid back female vocal edit with the entire suite of signature jg touches while the latter is a garage house hit more crafted for the club. ‘bb’ brings the album to a close, twisting a disco/funksample over a pallet of drums and effects for the near six-minute duration of the track.all in all, this is the perfect follow up to jason’s debut album ‘313.4.ever’, with tracks for both the club and home listening. if you happened to miss the first album back in 2012, don’t forget that now you have the chance to grab it in a special double pack with ‘skylax’ on cd!so, needless to say, this timeless record is a must purchase for all collectors and djs out there
Skylax Records
out of stock
14.61 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 15.02.12
wax classic is a brand new skylax sub – label. for this 3rd release, we give you the opportunity to grab 5 fantastic trax done by housemaster : jason grove.born in detroit, he started his career in the late 80s, dj-ing in underground parties when the techno house movement was just at the beginning. he was invited few times on detroit local stations such as wdrq & wjlb to play. some said he was at that time very close to the >wizard<, helping producing their first tracks with anthony srock as final cut. he had many opportunities during the 90s to release some of his work on various prestigious labels, however, as the guy is really hardcore & straight edge, he prefered to continue producing only with analog gears (dont ever speak to him about a computer or he?ll get mad !) & record his work on cassette only, selling it to indie stores & giving it to friends for some special events (birthday, graduation ect ... !). after the incredible release we had on wax classic 1 (another skylax sub – label), you can grab finally the 2 nd part of those legendary tapes.
Wax Classic
out of stock
8.18 EUR *

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