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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: various mixed by a-trak
cd UK 24.04.09
on fabriclive 45, a-trak slams down an unrivalled blend of everything hot, fast, fun and creative in clubland today. try and fathom how a mix with a tracklist that lurches from boys noize and baltimore edits to aeroplane and todd terje remixes to a nine year old scene-altering uk garage anthem actually fits together. it is this that makes fabriclive 45 one of our most distinctive and jaw-dropping mixes yet - rarely has there been a disc that so epitomizes the style and ability of the dj in question. a-trak loops, layers, scratches, doubles-up, re-edits, re-tweaks and does god knows what else to make this mix both cohesive and breathtakingly brilliant.
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