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12" Vinyl NL 26.03.18
as part of the ten-year anniversary dekmantel presents the final record in a ten-part-ep series. split into two parts due to its immensity, the final instalment is a re-issue of tony allens asiko (in a silent mix) originally released in 1999 and remixes by motor city drum ensemble and ricardo villalobos. the first part features a grandiose 29-minute ricardo villalobos version of the afrobeat masters cut. a true collaboration of giants.having been a regular at the festival for several years now, villalobos delivers a remix, one of his longest to date, that only he can produce. allowing the percussion to breathe into a monumental rhythm, villalobos warps the vocals, restructuring the bass and drums into a rolling dub-fusion of techno that is characteristic of his remixes to date, yet still breathtaking in its execution. afrobeat-minimalism, with dub-infused fire, and near psychedelic ambience that perfectly synchs the worlds of tony allen, and ricardo villalobos, two legends whoĺve helped re-shape the face of music. highlighting the diversity of sounds that have come to represent the dutch label and festival series, the eps to date have encompassed a range of artists and genres, featuring label favourites, as well as whole bunch of debuting artists. the ep series kicked off in march 2018, and over the course of a year featured the likes of gigi masin, lena willikens, burnt friedman, donato dozzy, the egyptian lover, palms trax, and more.
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