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12" 10.06.22
strong minimal dub ep to celebrate 5 years mont lake rec.. incl strong tripmastaz remixes
Mont Lake
in stock
10.50 EUR *
12" Pre sale (xx.07.2022)
debut release on the new label >merwurdig records<
Merkwürdig Records
11.67 EUR *
LEAP 001
12" 23.12.11
amazing release! tom ellis introduced to the scene in 2003, with releases on mindtours and morris-audio citysport, he enveloped himself in the world of electronic music and embraced the technology behind it. the natural progression was to setup a label, which he did with his best friend leif, along with the support of his brother joe and other close friends who inspired him so much. his recent live project with leif, co-founder of trimsound, has taken him all over the world headlining some high profile club nights in tokyo, cologne, munich, budapest, amsterdam, rotterdam, leeds, bristol and more. florian scheibein & alexander wirth are the two heads behind this new lovely imprint. also working as production duo they deliver a timeless masterpiece with >material of silence<. b-side - just check it out!
Leap Records
out of stock
6.55 EUR *
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