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12" Vinyl D 15.06.18
only one month after the release of their first ep on mt on may 2018. vactrol park continue surprising. this time with a full lp in the shape of “music from the luminous void”.the album sees vp delve much deeper into more atmospheric realms. using modular synths and unexpected drum machine sequencing they leave the 4x4 beats behind in favor of off-world rhythms and ever growing bass. &#8232..... starting with drops’s high frequency tension. laying on top of those heavy kick drums it keeps on growing and growing. from there it moves to the “end of the party” groove that is novikov’s notation. and its trippy monotonic rhythm. the a-side ends with the heavy sampled ambient track macbeth. bringing forward that mesmerizing flute solo by italian artist luca spagnoletti yet succeeding in avoiding the kitsch. and with a touch of class. &#8232.....&#8232.....the b-side delves even deeper into ambience and atmospheric muzak. starting with bells. that features again spagnoletti on flute. then we get into the real gems of the album - anstruther and glove. the first is a pure trip into modular psychedelia and repetitive jazzy-like drum rhythms. creating tension right from the start and plays with it throughout the track before decaying slowly into glove. which is in sense both the catharsis and the decompression session of the album. like a 2018 version of vangelis. this track’s soundscape will keep you dreaming with your eyes closed long after the album ends. &#8232.....
Malka Tuti LP 003
Malka Tuti
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17.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 11.05.18
vactrol park are kyle martin and guido zen. besides responsible for 2 unforgettable eps on esp institute in 2015 & 2016 under this alias. kyle and guido are prolific producers. with kyle being part of spectral empire (alongside black merlin). as well as half of land of light (with johnny nash) and more. while guido has been producing under the alias of brain machine amongst others. since malka tuti has been a fan of all of the above. it is no surprise the duo found its way into the ever growing family. with an lp scheduled later in 2018. this ep. self titled. is a door into the sound of vactrol park and its evolution - ever deeper. abstract. and mature. always clear. coherent and flowing. never boring. expect big things from this duo. as their live show. incorporating self-built modular synths and effects is destined for greatness…
Malka Tuti 0017
Malka Tuti
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12.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 11.05.16
vactrol park. the collaborative endeavor between kyle martin (land of light) and guido zen (brain machine). returns to the esp institute with ii. rounding out the second half of their ep series. for this installment. a sojourn was made to stockholm to record at the computer music mecca. ems (elektronmusikstudion). where the artists had the opportunity to experiment extensively with the legendary buchla 200 modular and serge modular. two of the rarest and most pornographic modular synthesizers in existence. while both instruments originate from california (buchla in berkeley as a commission from pioneer morton subotnik. and serge at the california institute of the arts). the music vactrol park draws from these machines is far from warm and sunny. akin to their predecessors on the 2015 debut i. these works materialize a level of taste and measure of craft that’s unattainable by most. each retaining an individual cinematic approach yet working collectively toward one consummate goal—paralysis.
ESP Institute
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 07.10.15
vactrol park is an honest outpouring of thematic obsession. a celebration of championed studio components and the mastery of their nuance. an avant garde collaboration between kyle martin (land of light. spectral empire) and guido zen (gamers in exile. brain machine). simply entitled i (the first of a 2 part series). this debut ep opens the door to a world of ebb and flow. layers of oscillation falling in and out of sync. keeping us on the brink of vertigo and. as cliché as it may sound. we find solace in its chaos. this homogeneous release plays with the notions of systems as beautifully symbolized mario hugo s capsule of cardiologyyet another visually arresting module in the esp institute catalogue. some music is made for drugs. some is made on drugs. these tracks simply are drugs.
ESP Institute
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9.95 EUR *
3x12" Vinyl UK 05.04.17
vol. 4 with more fantastic cosmic / ambient-ish / experimental tunes
Throne Of Blood
in stock
24.95 EUR *
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