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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: uzu moon
12" NL 26.11.21
dreamy feel-good vibes from uzu moon, remixed by cody currie.
Fluid Funk
in stock
10.46 EUR *
12" FR 17.02.14
japenese guy, takeshi kouzuki is well known for his productions on mathematics, abstract acid or hotmix. he has demonstrated his talent as a producer on every single track he has released. and we are really glad to deliver this ep with 3 awesome tracks of >nu-chicago house<, acid and jakbeat music, be certain that the voodoo is this wax. whirlwind will hypnotize you with its beautiful acidic melodies. * aoiro* is a massive jakbeat raw track on which you can feel the influence of traditional japanese music, absolute dancefloor killer! moon is just beautiful in all those points, it will put you in the trance, takeshi is a master of perfection so far!
Macadam Mambo Trax
out of stock
7.36 EUR *
2x12", 140 g UK 19.09.19
jazzy couscous founder alixkun comes back with a 2nd volume of kumo no muko, 12 japanese music gems from the 80s exploring ambient & synth-pop atmospheres.
JC 12
Jazzy Couscous
out of stock
27.84 EUR *
12" UK 21.08.17
sunlightsquare keeps on exploring multiple style of house music this summer. the previous single from the last month -oyelo- was a winning combination of authentic latin cuban music and classic 909 house beats. it was championed by ron trent, osunlade, hunee, bradley zero, nick the record and atjazz to name a few. this time, the main man and keyboard wizard claudio passavanti deployed two remixers for deeper and more spiritual endeavour to showcase his magical composition. hailing from the birth place of south african house music pretoria, the talented young producer blaqtone laid out beautiful sunset pad, earthy african percussions and solid rolling beats, all work like magic with claudio s original spiritual keyboard works. on the flip side, kay suzuki pulled off another dubbed out psychedelic mix with -astro dub-, just like the previous release, and the more dance-floor oriented classic deep house style of -moon mix- influenced by the likes of larry heard. the track features sequenced mini-moog bass line and call & response drum programming before blissful harmonies and melodies kick in.
Sunlightsquare Records
out of stock
9.13 EUR *
12" UK 07.10.11
in stock
5.72 EUR *
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