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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: ulterior motive ft. codebreaker
12" Vinyl UK 02.03.12
fearlessly fusing raw elements of funk with precision percussion, the unmistakable ulterior motive remain sonically unrivalled and continue to set their own standards in 2012. breakthrough releases for subtitles, metalheadz and reinforced resonated deep within the underground to put their name on the map. urgent and immersive, the duos contemporary take on the drum & bass template has won regular support from scene stalwarts like andy c, dbridge, friction and hype along with dj sets at institutions including fabric, star warz and sun & bass. driving forward with another momentous subtitles single um look set to tour australia & new zealand after a busy spell in the studio reshaping classic cuts from future cut and klute. with their sound in constant evolution its impossible to predict exactly what will come next but with proven pedigree and the passion to keep pushing themselves further, you can be sure ulterior motive will stay two steps ahead of the rest. so far we have dj support from: hype bailey friction pendulum lenzman rockwell s.p.y & kasra. hype >another slab of magic from one of my favourite producer duo teams in the drum and bass scene today!
Subtitles Music
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