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12" Vinyl FR 11.07.18
tokyo based dj/producer tsuyoshi ogawa presents -seven samurai-. this vinyl-only label has been founded in 2018 and it is operating in tokyo, japan. it pays tribute to the japanese legendary movie director -akira kurosawa-. this 2nd ep inspired by the movie -the hidden forest-. 1st track himatsuri by tsuyoshi ogawa that recorded using the voice sample of yuki s song from the movie and this song based old japanese poem book -kangin collection- in 1518, the impressive phrase -think it over - how dark this world is - the floating world is no less than a dream - just go crazy - will be brought to us as a universal theme to this day. 2nd track hitomi s temple by paris samurai vida, he recorded using sound of japanese koto, samurai sword and samurai voice to respect japanese traditional manner. it s a japanese satellite like a spiritual space temple, because the track bring you from paris to japan to space. this ep is dedicated to akira kurosawa as a new spiritual soundtrack for the hidden forest.
Seven Samurai
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