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12" 10.03.15
inspired by the success of last summers retrospective on poker flat, steve bug takes up his traffic signs moniker once more for a fabulous jam that more than merits the 10-year wait. the uncredited tunes that first came out under this name were classic jack tracks that devastated dancefloors - and cookie jar is a more than worthy successor. this is stripped-down house, chicago-esque, direct and determined to make you move. berlin legend jake the rapper adds downright dirty humour with a spoken vocal fit for an age of internet sextapes and celebrity photo hacking.
Traffic Signs
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12" BE 24.09.14
(steve bug traffic signs remix) for the new single love song, deetron calls on the vocal talents of oddball techno superstar seth troxler. steve bug brings his traffic signs alias back to life for the remix, and adds an instrumental version too.
Music Man
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12" 01.11.13
ltd repress !!
new big thing from the poker flat camp. new sublabel with kick ass minimal techy house grooves. already making waves all over germany. two stone cold pleaser tracks. dont sleep on it! tip
Traffic Signs
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12" 05.09.06
the sixth sequel in the traffic signs series convinces once again with its special signature sound. dry, acid-driven, stripped down but featuring enthusiastic structures and well-chosen sounds, this is what traffic sounds is all about.>coming down< on the a-side is a lively acid-packed track. opening and closing filters, delays and loads of nice effects make this a more than useful peak time weapon! >back on crack< on the flip brings a heavy dose of pushing chords, fizzing open hi-hats and cracking snares all around. don t take the track s title too seriously!
Traffic Signs
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12" 06.12.05
>effective< on the a-side is one of those tracks with a very special groove. simple, but strongly effective. dry twittering sounds on top, keep with the clicks and all is well. the b-side >been in glue<, is another 100% sureshot. you can hear the classic traffic signs sounds from the release. it is this very unique formula, the mixture of jackin beats, dry bass and short melodies what makes you groove on and on and on and onů
Traffic Signs
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12" 28.06.05
legendary traffic signs is back with its annual release! after huge tracks like i like your booty , fake it or vcm nation the 4th release is another double-a-side slammer. irresistibly infectious infiltrate on the a-side is a minimal stone cold, and at the same time hypnotically funky and neverendingly pumping number made for the dancefloor. hold it on the b-side is a dark minimal techno track seductively straightforward with a strong shuffling beat
Traffic Signs
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12" 19.05.04
two strong and tasty sound-cakes this vinyl bomb suites your taste.on the a-side its vcm nation , a simpatico funky and twisted minimal track, which welcomes you to the nation of voltage controlled modulation. on the flip side we have this old-school-but-extremly-fresh-sounding track which reminds one of the ralphie rosario tracks back in time
Traffic Signs
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12" 19.01.04
the original version comes up with a a minimal raw, slightly clonky and chicago-esque feel plus a decent electro-breakdown thats accompanied by spooky vocals that are whispering from somewhere in the dark a true intense workout for damp nights,steamy bodies and highenergy clubbers !!!
Traffic Signs
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4x cd box NL 25.06.18
4 cd box ! selected tracks by dr. lektroluv
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