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12" Vinyl UK 28.07.17
there’s a delicacy to the performances by toxe—not a fragile delicacy, but the kind you’d associate with an olympic rhythmic gymnast, whose twirls only seem light and graceful because of the immense muscular power behind them. “ - fader toxe’s horizons are very wide - she has deconstructed britney spears in -xic- for halcyon veil and with ‘still life’ (co-produced with mechatok) she caught the atttention of kenzo who used it as a score to their fw 2016 prints’ presentation and she has also performed alongside arca. toxe exhibits her relentless creativity as she edits and produces her own videos designs her visuals, exhibiting her relentless creativity which has lead to the excitement for the upcoming audio visual collaboration. the work, ‘morning story’, was created in collaboration with artist niclas hille. released on limited edition vinyl and also digitally in may 2017. the swedish musician crafts some of the most stomach-churning music productions, innovative drum patterns and lovelorn melodies in the scene. her debut ep ‘muscle memory’ was released on staycore in october 2015. on the five tracks of this release she clashed boulder-heavy rhythms against intricate details painting a picture very human and emotional, developing a very distinctive sound. the artist concluded 2016 with her first ever south-american tour. more recently, toxe played at berlin s ctm festival and meetfactory in prague. the swedish experimentalist has just been announced for a gucci x club to club night in milan, best kept secret and wiener festwochen s new hyperreality festival.
The Vinyl Factory
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11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 19.02.14
brilliant groovin deep / disco
More Drama
out of stock
8.99 EUR *
101 EP
12" Vinyl D 23.05.16
the firt material release of 2016 is here! exclusive tracks that are only on vinyl at! hot ones!
Material Series
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9.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 09.01.15
it s been some months since the last gold release but only david phillips two bangers doogiehouser and daaance daance had the golden touch to deserve the expensive metal. and being played by gold rcrds boss rainer weichhold for a long time he knew exactely how to make his own version together with greek kling klong artist vangelis kostoxenakis. as enzo siffredi s last keno records release became such a big track in rainer s dj set he was very glad that enzo agreed for his remix of doogiehouser . beware of the doogie.
Gold Records
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9.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 05.12.05
80 sampled disco house
out of stock
6.89 EUR *
2x cd D 25.05.16
on den keller- und fabrikparties der 90er über den legendären tresor bis hin zum berghain, in keiner anderen stadt hat sich über die letzten jahrzehnte so eine dichte von guten techno- und electroclubs etabliert. berlin ist die clubhauptstadt europas und steht für partynächte von freitagabend bis montagfrüh. -berlin 2016 - day & night techno sounds vol.2- präsentiert auf 2cds wieder genau den sound, der aktuell in den besten berliner clubs gespielt wird und für den seit jahren die menschen in die clubs strömen. techno, minimal und electro ganz ohne schnickschnack in einem coolen dj-mix, dafür steht -berlin 2016 - day & night techno sounds vol.2-.
Pink Revolver
Last Copy!
16.99 EUR *
2cd D 13.03.15
kaum ein dj, der mittlerweile nicht auch elektro auflegt und somit dem trend folgt, vielmehr folgen muss. unzählige clubs in ganz europa spielen mittlerweile nur noch diesen sound und auch die szene, die sich elektro verschrieben hat, wird von wochenende zu wochenende immer noch größer. will man wissen, wo diese bewegung federführend entstanden ist, so bleibt man in berlin hängen. vor jahren schon haben hier ansässige labels wie electric kingdom den sound massiv gepusht. auch die berliner clubszene hat einen großen teil zum siegeszug des elektro beigetragen. auf 2 cds featured die neue elektro berlin 2015 alle topaktuellen elektro-tracks, die in der hauptstadt entstanden sind oder dort entsprechend gehypet werden.
Pink Revolver
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